I'm Bethany Poteet, and I'm the 20 something gal behind this business and community hub. I'm a proud wife, mother, Believer in Christ, coffee connoisseur, blogger, and entrepreneur. I started this website over a year ago with the intent to create a side job, but it has transformed into so much more. I am now a freelancer as well as a stay at home mother. I have learned so much through motherhood, both the joys and the trials, and all of the spilled milk, and I hope that you find community here in sharing whatever your joys and trials might be also. I'm at my happiest when I'm connecting with others through creative outlets, and all of that can be encompassed here!

What is this website all about? A little bit of business, and a lot of creativity.

This site is a place to share in my every day experiences, gather with other creatives through my lifestyle blog, sharing my Lightroom Presets, and collaborating with brands I connect with! With a Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Communication and Fine Art, I take joy in balancing structure and creativity. Ultimately, (as an ENFJ) connecting with people is what I love most. Through this passion, Bethany Poteet Creative was formed.

I look forward to connecting with you, be it through my blog or you're in need of services, let's chat!